“I have been a client of Aquarium Leasing Specialists since early 1997. At that time, with the aim of creating a pleasant and relaxing environment, we installed an aquarium in the waiting room of our Medical Practice.
It has been maintained in pristine condition throughout this time and has provided a tranquil and interesting focus for our patients, especially the children.
To install the aquarium has certainly been a good decision.”

…Dr P. Sinclair


“Our aquarium is 6 feet in length and attracts constant comment from all visitors. It offers a relaxing outlook on life, thus adding another dimension to the office environment.
Further, the way in which Aquarium Leasing Specialists continue to service our aquarium only increases the overall enjoyment level – because all we have to do is look at it and enjoy!Every office should have at least one aquarium.”

…Chief Executive, Dr Lewinn’s Private Formula


“The wonderful aquarium at our aged care facility adds interest to our resident’s days. They love to sit and watch the fish and show them to their grandchildren and great grandchildren.
Of all our pets, the fish are the easiest. Aquarium Leasing Specialsits do it all. The food and lights are automatic and they keep the tank clean and even come and take the occassional sick fish off to “hospital””

…Amity at Newcomb


“This firm is now in our tenth year of leasing our aquarium from Aquarium Leasing Specialists. The display is a feature of our reception area and clients comment regularly on the quieting effect it has on them. There is absolutely no maintenance required from our staff and the monthly service is quick and trouble free.”

…Director, Edwards Pearl Pty Ltd, Chartered Accountants


“I have been overjoyed since using the services of Aquarium Leasing Specialists (1996). Their quality control, service and knowledge stands them out as leaders in aquatech. The smiles of satisfaction on my patients’ faces and the squeals of delight from the little children speaks for itself.”

…Dr H. Marget (Dentist & Orthodontist)


“Due to the reconstruction of our reception and waiting room we no longer have room for our aquarium and regret to advise we must cancel our aquarium lease. We would like to thank you for your prompt and excellent service over the past nine years.”

…Directors (x 3), Lenridge Practice

….Oh well, we did our best but we can’t win them all forever.


“Just wanted to thank you again for the fish bowls for our wedding. Guests keep mentioning how great it was!!.
My nephew also loves the fish you gave him. He has called them Uncle Justin and Aunty Belinda and they both seem to be going well.
I forgot to ask on the night if all the fish survived?
Thanks again”

….Belinda (March 2008)

….Yes – all fish survived ok.


“Sorry for the delay in thanking you for the most amazing centre pieces I have ever seen, we are only just back from our amazing honeymoon. When I walked into the reception room at the Port Melbourne Yacht Club my chin almost hit the floor. They looked incredible, better than I had imagined. The feedback from our guests was amazing. They absolutely loved the idea of fish bowls as opposed to flowers. I was absolutely delighted as they really made the tables. Thank you so much for helping to make Feb 7th the best day of my life. I will most definitely refer any friends to you if they should want to use the fish bowls for any of their functions. Carmen has asked me to forward any photo’s (which I will with pleasure) for other people who may also want fish bowls for a nautical wedding. Thanks again, they truly were amazing. Best wishes, ”

…. Sarah (February 2010)


“Just wanted to say thanks for all your hard work the fish tank looked great.
Feedback from Judy and delegates was that it was a huge success and drew a constant stream of people to the booth, hope you don’t mind but I gave your name to the Expohire company – hope it brings you more business.
I don’t suppose you’re thinking of starting a franchise in Hobart or Adelaide are you? We have 2 conferences in Adelaide this year and I’ve now got to go through the process of finding someone as efficient as you, if you have any contacts in the industry it would be a huge help.
Thanks again for your assistance, our best conference display by far.

……Karen van der Zanden, Thomson Adsett

“Recently I had to attend an appointment upstairs at the Frankston Private Hospital which kept me there for 3 hours. I had my baby boy with me, who is 10 months old, and not very keen on sitting around in waiting rooms. In order to pass time, keep him happy and hopefully send him off to sleep, I pushed him around the waiting room. I simply could not go past the very beautiful aquarium which I assume is leased and maintained by you, to the hospital. My son was very happy to stare into it for a good while, and watching the lovely bright fish swim around helped to send him off to sleep. I saw your business card on the top of the tank and just wanted to say thank you for your beautiful aquarium business and making a dreary old waiting room, a much more pleasurable place to be.”


I am so very happy with my experience with JetPets. My pets are like children to me, and it was heartbreaking to watch them go, and such a relief to have them return safely at my new home.

The aquarist collected my fish and clearly he knew what he was doing. Fish and turtles easily go into shock when being transported, yet all of mine have arrived interstate healthy and safe. They are all at a good weight, active and engaging. All signs that they were well cared for. John’s manner was beautiful as well. Confident, friendly and engaging. Would highly recommend him.

Both of the drivers were professional and helpful.

Thank you for making the move interstate for my pets so easy. Evelyn was spectacular with her support, information and checking on permits. Always available to listen and reassure me and make it easy. I am truly grateful. I would be grateful if you could let the cattery, kennel and aquarium know that I am really happy with how my family was cared for.

…..Candy Alexander