Rental & Maintenance

A fixed Monthly Fee Does It All!

There are no hidden costs.

Renting has fast become the most effective means for a business to manage its assets. Consider the tax advantage – the rental is usually an immediate office expense. And you do not end up with a paper asset which you then have to depreciate. Nor do you end up with an asset to dispose of when you eventually move or renovate.

Renting can save money too! It is insurance against the loss of expensive fish – for whatever reason. A 2 meter aquarium can easily house hundreds of dollars of plants and fish. Even more for salt water aquariums. And you will never need worry about the cost of replacing filters, lights, heaters, pumps and consumables. You will not need water test kits and treatments which other aquarium owners need.

A rental and maintenance package from Aquarium Leasing Specialists does it all for you!

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